Priority topics

Topics to be discussed during the 1st WG meeting on Photonics

Issues to be discussed at the meeting:
– Determining subjects of the joint projects, including anticipated calls for joint BRICS R&D projects;
– Joint regulations within BRICS countries (on medical device certification, quantum cryptography protocols, space data communications etc.);
– Mechanisms of financing and realization of joint BRICS projects;
– Mechanisms of information exchange: conferences, research scholarships, student exchange.

Topics to be discussed at the meeting:

Theme 1
High speed optical communication systems.
Topics to be discussed (not limited to): secured communications (security on physical level, quantum cryptography etc.); quantum key distribution protocols; DWDM system components, system components for coherent communication, and dynamical spectral engineering; spatial mode channel multiplexing (multimode fibers, OAM multiplexing); high speed free-space optical communications, including autonomous vehicles; space applications; compensation of fiber impairments, including losses, dispersion, nonlinearity etc., all-optical signal regeneration; optical networks for purposes of metrology and high performance computing; optical fiber cable production and installation (including low temperature and under water installation).

Theme 2
Photonics applications in bio-medicine.
Topics to be discussed (not limited to): optical bioimaging methods; lasers in modern clinical practice; optoacoustics methods for diagnostics and therapy; passive and active nanostructures for diagnostics and drug delivery etc.
Regulations regarding joint (within BRICS countries) clinical testing and certification of the new medical equipment and methods.

Theme 3
Integrated optics.
Topics to be discussed (not limited to): on-chip and chip-to-chip optical interconnects; high speed optical modulators; silicon and A3B5 photonics.

Theme 4
Photonics for agriculture and food industry
Topics to be discussed (not limited to): photonics applications for sensing and remote sensing in precision farming and in food processing.