In 2015 the Governments of the BRICS countries adopted the Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation in Science, Technology and Innovation which among other issues included provisions for establishment of three STI governing bodies:
–  BRICS Ministerial Meetings,
–  BRICS STI Senior Officials Meeting (SOM),
–  BRICS STI Working Groups (WG).

Cooperation in STI (Science, Technology and Innovation) between the Governments of BRICS Countries is promoted with the aim to drive rapid and sustainable economic growth and social progress in the BRICS countries.

Following the comprehensive dialogue held within these bodies The BRICS science Ministers at their 3rd BRICS Science and Technology and Innovation Meeting (Moscow, October 2015) adopted the Moscow Declaration encouraging, in particular, cooperation in Photonics.

According to the BRICS Jaipur Declaration signed at the 4th BRICS Science, Technology and Innovation Ministerial Meeting on October, 8 2016 and the revised BRICS Work Plan 2015-2018 it was agreed to establish the Working Group on Photonics and convene the 1st meeting of the WG in Russia in 2018.