WG Photonics

The 1st Meeting of the BRICS of WG Photonics will take place at the Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech), Moscow Region, on March 1-2, 2018.

Brief summary on Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation within BRICS and the concept of the 1st Meeting of the BRICS Working Group on Photonics
The format of the BRICS Working Groups in the areas of science, technology and innovation cooperation

The Council on Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation within BRICS was established by the Regulation of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation N P-121 dated April 15, 2016 for the purpose of coordination and effective implementation of the same name Initiative in Russia.

BRICS Science, Technology and Innovation Initiative (BRICS STI Initiative ) covers different priority areas defined by the Ministries of science and technology of BRICS countries. The coordinator from Russia is the Ministry of Education and Science.
Cooperation on Photonics was included into the list of thematic leadership areas at the BRICS Ministerial Meeting in 2016.
India and Russia are coordinating countries for cooperation on Photonics.
Activities in each thematic area are supervised by specially established official international working groups (WG).

WGs determine the composition of participants and the format of the work subject to the general consent of the representatives of all BRICS countries.
WGs consist of permanent members representing specialized agencies and organizations of all BRICS countries, and experts called in to discuss common issues and projects.
WGs’ powers include development of recommendations on relevant forms and priorities for cooperation, including the implementation of projects through joint financing platforms and development institutions of the BRICS countries, including New Development Bank.

Each WG shall have a designated national focal point from each of the BRICS countries — individuals and organizations that help to establish communication between national expert community and partners from the other BRICS countries.
An important function of the WG is to establish and develop a network of contacts between representatives of recognized academic, public and industrial organizations and associations within the BRICS member countries.

The Concept of the 1st Meeting of the BRICS Working Group on Photonics

BRICS Working Group on Photonics (hereinafter – WGP) is aimed at launching negotiations and consultations on joint research, technological and (or) production projects and initiatives on Photonics within BRICS countries.
The 1st Meeting of the BRICS WGP comprises two thematic parts.

The official part of the meeting will be devoted to the formats and rules governing the functioning of the WGP, determining the key national centers of expertise for the solution of priority tasks. Official representatives of ministries and agencies, members of the expert community, active researchers, officials of health-care organizations, representatives of the business community, will represent the BRICS countries.

The second part of the Meeting of the BRICS WPG will be devoted to the proposed pilot themes cooperation — High Speed Optical Communication Systems, Photonics Applications in Bio-Medicine, Integrated Optics, Photonics for Agriculture and Food Industry. Discussion of current international cooperation mechanisms will involve representatives of academia, government, medical institutions, industry associations, and business community.

BRICS representatives are expected to provide the latest information about the challenges and existing projects at the national level in order to identify common problems that can be solved with the involvement of BRICS development institutions, BRICS financing instruments, and international business.